About the Editor

The editor and publisher is Dwain Wilder. He is past editor of Zen Bow, the quarterly publication of the Rochester Zen Center, and a member of Just Poets, a Rochester poetry society. He has several anthologies, collections and chapbooks of poetry published by Foothills Press.

During the mid-’60s Dwain Wilder worked as a field staff member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s (SCLC). Later he was appointed Coordinator of the Southern Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam (SCC). During that time he was an organizer for Staughton Lynd’s Peoples Peace Conference, and Security Marshal for the last Fifth Avenue Peace Parade (NYC). More recently, he is a co-founder of EarthVigil (serving the activist community of the Rochester Zen Center), and has been active in We Are Seneca Lake and Librarian for FrackFreeGenesee (available online at Frack Free Genesee Library). In the latter capacity, he serves the activist community and interested writers as reference librarian on topics relating to hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’). He has spent a week in jail now and then, here and there.

Dwain holds an undergraduate degree from Yale College in American Studies. He currently earns a living building stringed musical instruments in a small quaint cottage beside a large dark forest. You can contact him at editor@thebanner.news.


The Banner has occasional staff members, and a webmaster who prefers anonymity despite (or because of) all the good he does in the world.

Feel free to send news articles, story ideas and your own writing, and your organization’s action alerts.

The Banner is funded by small donations from readers. A fund drive is held in early- to mid-summer, when the begin to dry up! Our annual budget is about $650, for website and email publication costs. The editor gives his word of honor not to abscond to Canada with the cash drawer.

Our cover illustration is a photograph of Canadice Lake, on of the most secluded of the western Finger Lakes, on an autumn afternoon. The photographer is artist and teacher Gloria Betlem.